Date:May 20, 2015

15-78RMT — Shake/Soft Serve Combo

Ice Cream and Shake machine 15-78RMT

High Quality Soft Serve Ice Cream and Shakes  in  one  single,  flexible and  easy  to use machine!

2 machines in 1 for maximum menu flexibility! This pressurized machine produces high-quality, high-volume soft serve and shakes in one footprint. The shake side features a dispense-head-mounted mixer that blends flavors and/or crumb toppings into the shake product as it is dispensed, producing a high-quality, hand-made shake consistency. The fast, easy way to serve flavors regardless of the viscosity of the flavoring syrup or the fruit pulp it contains.. The single-flavor soft serve is great for high-volumes of cones and sundaes. This machine is perfect for QSR’s that want speed of delivery with the highest quality shakes and ice cream available!

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