Date:February 17, 2014

Electro Freeze Frozen Yogurt Machines


Ideal commercial machine for Frozen Yogurt businesses, stores or parlors! Widely used across nation!

This commercial frozen yogurt machine, the model SLX-500 manufactured by Electro Freeze, has been primarily designed for self serve frozen yogurt businesses

. These machines are widely used in national chain accounts.

Let’s review the outstanding features and performances of this self serve frozen yogurt equipment.

Purchase cost: Very competitive.

Installation cost : Compact design with a small footprint, ideal choice for locations where space is an issue. Free standing unit, no counter to be built. Electrical requirement is only 12A at 240V, which reduces wiring and breaker cost. Air or water cooling versions available.

Maintenance cost: Long-wearing parts offer lower preventive maintenance costs.

Energy cost: Efficient refrigeration and mechanism electronically controlled plus an Energy Conservation Mode (ECM) ECM protects product from over-agitation during slow or non-draw periods.

Cleaning cost: Built for ease of cleaning. Parts are designed so that even inexperienced employees cannot install them improperly.

Ease of operation: Self-closing spigot eliminates waste. Spigot handle height meets ADA requirements for self serve service locations. Adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output. Electronic control with multiline, full text instructions. Locking code for self serve operation. Low-level light indicators at the back of the machine.Soft_Serve

Finished product quality: Precision controlled refrigeration system designed for quality frozen yogurt consistency from the first serving to the last. Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product.

Visual appeal: Stainless steel body.