Introducing Fuzionate 9 Flavor Soft Serve machine!

Nine flavors, One machine: As Easy as 1, 2, 3. Less space, Great taste!


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9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine

9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine




Electro Freeze of New England – Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines




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*** 130+ New, Used and Refurbished machines in stock – Ask About Trade Ins -Finance Options Available***


Welcome to Electro Freeze of New England’s website. We cover Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

Our family has been in the frozen treat business since Eisenhower was President.  So we can bring to you our vast Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine and Cree-mee equipment knowledge and experience.  

Are you looking you for an ice cream machine? Do join us in our test kitchen and showroom.  There you will be able to Taste The Difference and compare Electro Freeze to other brands.

We have a big assortment of Commercial soft serve ice cream machines and Cree-mee equipment in stock and we trade in your old equipment.  We look forward to seeing you on our next Free Ice Cream Seminar!


Electro Freeze equipment is manufactured in Illinois, USA.


Come and Taste The Difference

 “Who would have thought that a machine can change the taste of cream?

But it does.”


Electro Freeze has a thicker, creamier taste and is the preferred choice of many of the leaders in the industry. We invite you to come and Taste the Difference in our test kitchen and showroom. At our location you will be able to compare Electro Freeze to other brands and Taste The Difference yourself.


Acana Service Van - Five Guys

Acana Service Van – Five Guys





In addition to Electro Freeze, we are also the exclusive  distributor in New England for Wadden Systems Inc, home of the 24 Flavor System and other profitable flavoring systems.

The 24 Flavor System is a revolutionary concept which was created in 1993 by Rita Wadden. She saw the potential in flavoring soft serve and opened up a whole new market of flavoring soft serve. With the 24 Flavor System you are able to sell 24 or More Flavors on a cone to cone basis. One of the best things about our 24 Flavor System is that it increases profit per serving. Customers are also more likely to return to your store for a wider variety of flavors.

The flavors, more than 87 to choose from,  are delicious and highly concentrated. They are sugar and gluten free and there is also a Vegan selection


24 Flavors of Soft Serve

24 Flavors of Soft Serve

Next to being able to serve 24 Flavors of Soft Serve, Wadden Systems Inc also has other profitable flavoring systems.

You can also offer Dips with the Delightful Dip System,  Frozen Slush with the Iceberg System and make shakes in less than 5 seconds with the Swift Shake system,


Wadden Systems Inc.’s flavoring systems are manufactured in the USA.




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Soft Serve Machines

Ice Cream versus Frozen Yogurt

Compare Electro Freeze to other brands

Wadden 24 Flavor System

Wadden Iceberg System

Wadden Swift Shake System

Wadden Delightful Dip System

Wadden Glacier Joe Frozen Coffee System

Electro Freeze Arctic Swirl to mix’n Hurricane



Frozen Coffee

9 Flavors automatic Soft Serve Machine


and much more…


Do we have a great deal for you.
This season you can use your Wadden System’s Rebate Dollars* towards your next Service bill for your soft serve equipment.
How does this work???
  1. Order flavors  from Wadden Systems Inc  
  2. Receive from Wadden Systems Inc. 33% of your purchases  in Rebate Coupon Dollars
  3. Apply the Rebate Coupon Dollars towards the labor cost of your next service bill from Acana Northeast Inc.*
* Wadden System’s Rebate dollars can only be applied towards new labor charges for service performed on your ice cream equipment by Acana Northeast Inc.
Parts and taxes are not included.
Cannot be combined with other promotions. Redeemable in most of our service area.
Rebate Dollars are non transferable and not redeemable for cash. Rebate Dollars can only be used once and expire January 1, 2022. 

Used Taylor, Stoelting and Coldelite Equipment 





Contact us about the 100+ used frozen treats equipment we have in stock, from brands like Taylor, Stoelting and Coldelite.


Ask the Sales Department about the trade-in section.


Electro Freeze Northeast – Acana Northeast Inc

340 Commerce Way

Pembroke NH 03275

800 922 2629

Driving Directions

New, Refurbished and Used equipment available.

We are proud to introduce the new ice cream machine, which is changing the industry.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

with pumps up front and drawer system




* Sliding Mix Drawer System

* 19,000 BTU’S on each side

*Separate compressor for the cab

*Self closing spigots

* Pump forward design for easy cleaning


and many, many more features.




Our family has more than 65 years of experience in the frozen treat market.



Poppy took great pride in helping thousands of people transition from having a job, to owning their own store and being job creators.

9 flavor soft serve ice cream machine





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Frozen yogurt & ice cream shop business model, start-up costs & ideas

Thinking about Owning an Ice Cream Shop? Be ahead of the curve! Frozen yogurt & ice cream stores have long been a popular concept on the west coast, and the advent of easy-to-use, self-serve frozen yogurt machines has made this a fast growing trend here in New England.

Acana Northeast is capable to guide you through all the steps to start-up your own frozen yogurt & ice cream business. Acana Northeast equipment and expertise are also excellent Ice Cream Shop or Parlor franchise opportunities.


We are here for the long haul. Rest assured that Acana Northeast will be here when you want us. With experts available in yogurt shop design and ice cream parlor layout, financing, equipment selection, architectural services, leasing and maintenance service, you know that you have all the professional support you need to open or boost your Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt parlor or store. We can assist with your needs in soft serve ice cream supplies, frozen yogurt supplies, toppings supplies, POS System, and everything ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop.


When it comes to services, you can bet that Acana Northeast has you covered. With a full range of equipment and our professional services, you will be ahead of the curve and on your way to opening your ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop. We can help you with everything you need from frozen yogurt shop business plan, ice cream store design, architectural layout of your ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop, leasing and monthly payment plans, to store opening, and everything in between and beyond.

Acana Northeast is you headquarters for:

  • ConsultationShop layout, Equipment selection, POS System, Architectural Services
  • FinancingLeasing advice, Select in-house financing
  • Repair and maintenanceFactory trained technicians, Fully equipped service vans, Live telephone service personnel, 24/7 On-call service
  • Education & Training: Ice cream College, One-on-one training, On site training, In-service training, Ongoing support, Test kitchen

Ice cream & frozen yogurt machine supplies, parts & service

Our Best-in-the-Industry-Warranty is backed not only by our family's commitment to customer satisfaction but also by our dedicated team of factory-trained technicians in the field. Services are such an important part of our job at Acana Northeast that we have developed our "Acana Can!" service program.


Sell 24 different ice cream flavors in your shop or parlor!

The Flavor Shop uses flavor extracts to flavor soft ice cream & frozen yogurt; It offers a tremendous variety to your customers. No need to have 24 soft ice cream machines when one will do the job. Reduce your investment, reduce your space requirements and maximize your profits.

  • 24 flavors of soft serve cones
  • 24 flavors of shakes
  • 24 flavors of hurricanes
  • 24 flavors of sundaes

Machines & equipment for soft serve ice cream business

Acana Northeast has the finest equipment in the industry, bar none! Electro Freeze soft serve and yogurt freezers are the easiest to own and operate, to maintain and, with the best warranty in the industry, the most secure investment you can make. Quality and pride go into each and every Electro Freeze soft serve machine and yogurt freezer. Made in America means it's best you can get. Don't risk your hard earned money on dubious equipment from doubtful suppliers. Acana Northeast assures you of the best in soft serve and frozen yogurt equipment. In addition, we carry refrigeration and other equipment and supplies for your yogurt outlet or ice cream parlor. Acana Northeast offers the full range of frozen treat equipment:

Introducing Fuzionate 9 Flavor Soft Serve machine!

Nine flavors, One machine: Less space, Great taste!


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