Introducing the Fuzionate 9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine!




Watch Demo of auto 9 flavor ice cream machine here

The new 9 Flavor Fuzionate Soft Serve machine provides a high menu flexibility while optimizing space and resources. It is as simple as:

1 - Choose a flavor

2 - Press the button

3 - Enjoy!

The new 9 Flavor Fuzionate Soft Serve machine is perfect for high volume establishments wanting to serve superior-quality Soft Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt or Gelato.

Fuzionate 9 flavor Soft Serve machine is great for any store or parlor!

Some advantages of using this new Electro Freeze technology are:
  • 9 Flavors To Choose From contained in 32oz. syrup containers located in the cabinet. Dispense the base product alone or press a button to infuse the product with one of 8 additional flavors.
  • The Finest Frozen Product, consistently the best frozen product available. Smooth, creamy and profitable.
  • Product Flexibility. This machine serves a variety of frozen products, custard, ice cream sorbets, water ice or yogurt.
  • Flexible Mix Holding System pumps directly from bags or from mix containers.
  • Patented Mix Transfer System* simplest and most reliable pressurized system available.
  • Self Closing Spigots prevents the mess and eliminates waste.
  • Exclusive Auger Design gently blends, reducing agitation, maintaining product quality and consistency.
  • Energy Conservation Mode reduces energy cost and holds product safely during non-business hours.
  • Superior Low Temperature Refrigeration System provides the best in class production and product quality.

Interested in the new Fuzionate 9 Flavor machine? Contact us now to request a demo!

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