Add the 24 Flavor System to your ice cream business and start selling 24 or more different ice cream flavors of soft serve on a cone to cone basis.

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The Flavor Shop, a stand-alone or an add-on business that offers:

  • 24 flavors of soft serve cones
  • 24 flavors of shakes
  • 24 flavors of hurricanes
  • 24 flavors of sundaes

The Flavor Shop uses flavor extracts to flavor soft ice cream or frozen yogurt It offers a tremendous variety to your customers.

No need to have 24 soft ice cream machines when one will do the job. Reduce your investment, reduce your space requirements and maximize your profits! Flavor Concepts Flyer

The 24 Flavor System is a compact, counter top flavoring system that would actually permit you to serve up to 70 flavors of ice cream, slush, milkshakes, hurricanes and smoothies.

Most of our customers use the 24 Flavor system, as a tool to up-charge their highest volume item - the cone. Typically they charge an extra $0.30 for a flavored cone and if they put in chocolate chips, fruit or cookie pieces they charge another $0.30 for the mix-ins.

The 24 Flavor System works next to any soft serve machine and comes with:

  • The machine itself
  • 24 8oz bottles of flavoring (enough to make 3600 large cones)
  • 24 pumps for 8oz bottles
  • 5 mixing cups with caps
  • 1 cleaning cup with brush inside
  • Large banner (4' x 10')
  • 2 flavor place mats
  • Plexiglas soft serve sign (13" x 24")
  • Wax paper squares

Basically, everything you'd need to start serving 24 flavors of ice cream, slush, milkshakes, hurricanes and smoothies as soon as it's delivered.


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