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I want to sell soft serve ice cream…which Ice Cream machine should I buy?

Acana Northeast has an extensive variety of Electro Freeze® Soft Serve Ice Cream Commercial Machines, Makers, Freezers, Supplies, and Equipment for sale to answer such question. Review our site to see what sort of equipment is available, and then contact us about your requirements, and our expert consultants will brief you on the optimum equipment to suit your needs. Why not join us at one of our many free demo days. so that you can compare and Taste the Difference?!

Soft serve ice cream mix is sold ready to pour into a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine. You can choose a mix with high fat or low fat content and you can choose how much air you introduce into the soft serve, other than some mixes being a little sweeter than others, that is pretty much the extent to which you can influence the taste of the product you will be serving.

Our Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream machines

Our Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Freezers stand out in the market because their durability, dependability and ease of use. Electro Freeze® Soft Serve Ice Cream machines and other frozen treats turn out the most tantalizing delights that customers crave. The reliability of our equipment is the result of a tradition of industry innovation and leadership that reaches back seven decades. Today, with over 40 models of our equipment to choose from, you’re sure to find an Electro Freeze® model that meets your needs.

MIX60 Heating / Cooling Mixers
Heating/Cooling Mixers pasteurizers for low and high pasteurization using a special thermal liquid.
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MIX30 Heating / Cooling Mixers
Heating/Cooling Mixers pasteurizers for low and high pasteurization using a special thermal liquid.
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Display Cabinets - Gelato & Premium Ice Cream Freezers
We have variety of showcase gelato cases to display your product, whether this is large or compact.
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Elmeco Granito Freezers - Frozen Beverage Dispensers
The first class Elmeco Granita Freezers are are programmable  multipurpose cold beverage dispensers.
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Wadden 24 Flavor System Flavors Soft Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Click to open video demo on a new
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Mix in blender (Ross Custard Equipment)
Versatile Mix-In Blender allows you to make a variety of high-profit specialty items.  
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M202 Ross Custard Equipment
The patented freezing chamber minimizes the size of ice crystals for a smoother  finished  product.
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CC303 Ross Custard Equipment
Ross CC-303 Triple Barrel Continuous Flow Freezer produces Frozen Custard, Sorbet, and Italian ices.
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CC202 Ross Custard Equipment
Get smoother products with small ice crystals through the high-speed and low-overrun mix Ross CC202.
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CF101 Ross Custard Equipment
Ross CF-101 Counter Top Continuous Flow Freezer produces many gourmet old fashion freeze  products!
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Ideal commercial machine for Frozen Yogurt businesses, stores or parlors! Widely used across nation!
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F131 Frozen Yogurt Machines
Counter-top Model, Twin Twist, Gravity, Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer. Triple-duty multipurpose freezer
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Supplies and Service for Soft Serve Ice Cream machines

Acana Northeast also provides comprehensive maintenance and support for your machines. Our fleet of modern service vans are outfitted with all essential and commonly required service parts and driven by our own highly qualified and factory trained service technicians. Whatever the problem with your soft serve equipment, our trucks and techs can handle it.

Whether it is an “O” ring or a reduction gear, our technicians will analyze the problem, recommend corrective measures and install and set to work the machines so that you can get back to your primary function; serving your customers with the best possible frozen treats with the absolute minimum delay.

Often, a simple phone call can connect you with one of our experts who frequently can talk you through the “problem” without your having to await a technician and endure unnecessary down time.

Likewise, if you need yogurt mix or any of our 60 flavor extracts, you can rest assured that your supplies will be there when you need them. We ship your order within 24 hours of receipt, so that you can be confident of a constant, reliable supply chain.

Contact us and buy a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine or Maker for your business now!

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Business Profits

Acana Northeast can help you perform a complete profit/cost analysis. Get a quick look at what your profits could be by using the profit calculator.


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